Here’s what your dad wants for Father’s Day!

As you probably know, Father’s Day is coming up … and if you don’t know what to give your dad this year, I have some healthy(-ish) ideas for you.

In fact, I conducted a little poll of some of my dad friends before I wrote this email, and the same thing was at or near the top of all their lists! 

They all said they wanted to to spend time with their kids – going fishing, bowling, to a movie, hitting up the batting cages or golf course, whatever. The bottom line is that the activity itself is beside the point – it’s all about doing something together.

If you live near your father, definitely consider scheduling some quality time together! 

And if that’s not possible, here are some other ideas:

Wireless headphones/earbuds. Who wouldn’t want a set of these?
Audible credits. He can listen to books while on the road.
A smart watch. This is a great gift if he’s into gadgets.
Grilling tools. If your dad likes to cook, consider getting him some grilling items that he wouldn’t buy for himself.
A pair of the original “cool” sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators.
A selection of hot sauces.
Gym gear! If your father is into fitness, he might like a new backpack or gym bag. 
An Alexa or other home device, with accessories to control lights, heat, security camera or more.

Other ideas: if he has a fitness regimen, he might appreciate a gift certificate for personal training for ideas to help mix things up. Or, if he’s been wanting to try a new activity, you could get him a gift card for classes or equipment.

I hope these help! Buying gifts for dad doesn’t have to be a hassle if you think about the kinds of things he enjoys doing. But mostly, he’ll like spending time with YOU!

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