7 Simple Workout Tips for Busy Moms

7 Simple Workout Tips for Busy Moms

7 Simple Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Let’s face it,life is crazy and some days are just insanely busy. Some days you lose your patience, some days you just feel like staying in bed all day, and some days you have to be away from your kids when you don’t want to be. Work, business travel, errands and other demands on your time can mean you aren’t around your kids as much as you’d like to be. So I’m sure the last thing you want to do is something for YOU that takes you away from your family, right? I hear you. But I promise that one thing you will never feel guilty about is taking time for your workouts.

When I asked one of my clients who has three kids under the age of seven how she’s stayed so committed to her workouts while being the crazy busy supermom that she is, she told me that no matter what, she always schedules her workouts like she schedule’s any other appointment, marked in her calendar. Some days her kids happily tag along with her to the gym and other days not so happily. Sometimes she gets to the gym and as soon as she starts her workout one of her kids has a meltdown, or one of them gets sick right as she pulls into the gym parking lot… I know most of you moms can feel her pain.  But the most important thing is to not get discouraged and give up.

BUT we are all human, and if you still fall into the rut of skipping your workouts because you can’t take time away from the kids, we’ve got some tips to help you reassess your thinking and say “See ya later!” to the mommy guilt.


1. Switch your thinking. 


If you’re not making time for yourself, then how can you give everyone your 100% best? Don’t view exercise as just another demand on your time. Switch your thinking and view exercise as an investmentin your health. You want to be around as long as possible for your kids, right? Exercise is something within your control that you can choose to do to stay healthy. Exercise also increases your energy, boosts mental clarity, helps you sleep AND puts you in a better mood—all awesome benefits that can make you an even more AWESOME mom. Aren’t you worth it?


2. Make it a priority, NO EXCUSES.


I know moms face overloaded schedules and constantly growing To Do lists, but don’t let lack of time or the pressure to be a perfect mom put you in the land of excuses. Be a little tougher on yourself and tell yourself that if your health is important to you, you will figure out a way to create the time or make the time. Leave the excuses behind and let your actions show that your family’s health is a priority, because after all, it begins with you!

3. Have a plan.

Plan your workout schedule for the week or month ahead of time and have it clearly marked on your calendar. If you have a workout scheduled for tomorrow, have your plan in place the night before. Before you go to bed, lay out your workout clothes and pack a snack so you’re ready to get going when it’s time to head to the gym. You know your busy schedule requires some tact, but as a mom you’ve mastered the art of juggling and you’ve totally got this!

4. Early bird gets the worm.

Some of my clients who are mothers like to get their work out in before the sun comes up while their spouse can still be home with the kids before leaving for work. I’ve also come to learn that as the hours in the day tick by, our To Do lists grow simultaneously which can leave more room for excuses to skip the gym. Plus, it can be nice to get your workouts done first thing in the morning because it sets you up for success throughout the day by starting out on the right foot, which can be crucial when dealing with your 2-year-olds constant temper tantrums!

5. Get help where you can. 


I don’t believe we win any awards for trying to do everything on our own. So get some help. Whether you need to ask your mom to help out with the kids for an hour a couple times a week while you go to the gym or you decide to hire someone to clean your house once a week, taking a couple things off your plate can go a long way towards your health and your sanity!

6. Quality, not quantity.

It goes without saying that as a mom, you want to spend quality time with your kids every day without needing a plan to do so, but actively planning an experience can lighten any mom-time guilt that might pop up when you’re exercising by yourself. Plan something memorable and fun where you can be fully present with your kids and thoroughly enjoy the moment.

7. Figure out what relaxes you.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be super high-intensity and have you leaving the gym dripping in sweat. In fact, sometimes the best workouts are those where you don’t sweat much at all. Research shows that finding time for meditation daily or even weekly can be just as beneficial as a higher-intensity workout. For some, meditation could mean taking your dog on a walk. For another, it could be a glass of wine and a good book to read. Maybe it’s a solo jog, or maybe it’s a great conversation with your spouse. Identify what relaxes you and try to work it into your weekly schedule a few times each week. Trust me, it works wonders on your overall mood and sanity. 


SO,the take away message in all of this…you really CAN be mom of the year AND a mom who exercises. It’s not an either or situation. Think of the great example your setting for your family of the importance of being fit and healthy…what you do and what they see is far more powerful than what you say. Better yet, as an active mom you will have more energy for your kids. And remember this: When your kids see you doing things for yourself—like taking care of your health—they will see you valuing yourself which in turn teaches them to value themselves too. So forget the mom guilt, because taking time for your own fitness does NOT translate to you being a bad or inattentive mom. View your exercise as making an investment in a healthy family!

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