FitFast 5 Week Challenge

It's Time to Get Back the Energy, Strength, and Confidence You Truly Deserve!

Personal Training Johns Creek

When is the last time you felt confident trying on new clothes and looking at yourself in the mirror?

We've heard it many times:

"I've given up on feeling good about myself."

"I'm too old to lose weight."

"I'll just hide from pictures and going out with friends forever."

But, before you throw in the white towel, we want to tell you something....

There Is a Fast, Effective Method to Get Back the Body, Energy, Strength, and Confidence That You Thought Was Gone Forever!

At Stax Elite Training our mission is to make Johns Creek HAPPIER and HEALTHIER. That's why we've created a complete nutrition and training program that helps people just like you jumpstart their health, lose weight, drop dress and pants sizes, feel more energized and gain more confidence than they have in years...and allow them to achieve greatness in all areas of their life.

It's called the 5-Week FitFast Challenge! Learn more today! 

Personal Training Johns Creek

How Does This Fitness Challenge Work?

This is a LIFESTYLE program to build healthy habits. It’s not a quick fix weight-loss program. When you get started, you'll have everything you need to succeed! 

Individualized Meal Plan & Recipes: Over 50+ healthy and family-friendly recipes.

Training Included: Whether you’re a new member or already a Stax Elite Training member, you’ll get up to 3 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions per week.

Small Group Nutrition Coaching: Once a week, in-person small group nutrition coaching will be held at Stax Elite Training. Also, online nutrition coaching will be offered once a week via Skype. Don’t miss this limited coaching opportunity with our certified Nutrition Coach.

Weekly Accountability: Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, coached, educated, and trained by our elite team of fitness experts. 

And did we mention the FitFast 5-Week Challenge offers guaranteed results? That's right! If you're not happy with your results - we'll refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Transform Your Body Today With FitFast 5-Week Challenge In Johns Creek!

Don't miss out on this incredible Fitness Challenge. Join us in Johns Creek today and make your goals a reality in just 5 weeks! But don't wait until it's too late. 



Orientation and weigh-ins will be held February 3rd from 1-2 p.m.

The FitFast 5-week Challenge begins February 5! Click here to learn more about our workout schedules and frequently asked questions OR fill out the short form on your screen to get started today! 

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